Faculty Board

Based on Article (2/27) from University of Gezira law of 1995, the faculty board is pertain to do the following: supervising academic work in the faculty, recommending the approval of scientific and research programs submitted by the faculty, issuing organizing regulations that do not intercept with the systems and regulations in order to upgrade the academic work in the faculty, any other tasks delegated to it by the laws and the systems in the university. Based on Article (1/27) in University of Gezira law of 1995, the faculty will have a board formed in the following manner: Vice Chancellor chairman Dean of Faculty member Dean of Scientific Affairs member

Heads of Departments Board

1. Discussion of the academic calendar 2. Discussion of the strategic plan and study progress in the departments 3. Follow-up of the administrative performance in the departments and the faculty The Heads of Departments Board submit a periodical report about its proceedings to the Faculty Board and that within the report of the Dean presented to the board. The board holds a regular monthly meeting; it may hold extraordinary meetings whenever it is necessary.

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